This brand-new shiny 2020 floor model of the frbillsings website is the THIRD version since my web presence as a musician/songwriter first appeared.

“The third time’s the charm,” says a popular saying, and I pray that this be true! My media collaborators (SB Marketing of Buffalo) tell me that there are shiny new ways in this 2020 model, and it is just now rolling off the production line. And if you’re reading this it tells me that you have decided to take it for a test drive. Thanks!

Actually, as a Catholic priest I do not believe in “luck” per se. I’m much more a God’s Will and our free will type. But I do not hesitate to test drive many options for luck as in random chance, as in parish raffles.

As the legendary lottery motto says, you cannot win unless you buy a ticket. So I am filling out a ticket to take a chance that people might (randomly or purposely) find this website and take a little ride on the blog coaster. Some day I could look back at a pile of blogs and build… a Blog Cabin!?! I don’t know yet. Link-in logs?

For almost fifteen years of my life as a priest I have typed, scribbled and dictated weekly bulletin columns. I’m still producing those for my two linked parishes, St. Martin of Tours and St. Thomas Aquinas is South Buffalo. Thirty years ago, as a news writer and editor for a morning drive radio program, I had to write newscasts that shot out headlines and weather and sports in sixty seconds.

Now I begin a new venture online. I have written 2 books and enough songs to fill 10 CDs. (One of them is a double album. I’m a child of the 1970’s… we love our double albums! Though you might think of the best-selling Frampton Comes Alive…that was not on the playlist of my youth. Think Chipmunks Christmas album. Yes, there was a two-album set. It’s classic. Could never sing in their key, though…)

In my past (read that: pre-seminary, pre-priesthood) I wrote a few screenplays, sitcom scripts and actually sold one-liners to comic legend Joan Rivers for several years. (See the chapter in my autobiography “Made to Praise Him: Finding My Song” titled From Joan to Jesus… did I tell you that I tend to pepper my writing with commercials for my music and books?? Now you know…)

My blogging hope is to make this method of communicating a bit of inspiration, peppered with entertainment and thought-provoking reflection.

I am (now, as this venture begins) a blogger with no lager. That is, I share with you that I do not play the Irish stereotype of a priest. So, these thoughts will be shared under the influence of caffeine, sugar and occasional endorphins with hopefully a flow of the Holy Spirit. No other “spirits” cross my lips. Just a life choice. No judgement.  You may consume whatever beverages you wish as you read. But please do not read and drive. Okay. Ground rules SET!!

 So, welcome to my blog. And if you enjoyed it, come back and click that SHARE button or whatever you do to help others find my blog. Ultimately, finding God is my motivation. My God makes me laugh every day.

May we each fine 20/20 vision in 2020.

A Blogger’s Blessings,

Fr. Bill